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Aniya’s Growth is a hair oil created by and tested on Ashanty Walker. The formula was perfected towards the end of 2019 with the focus of pushing an individual with afro-textured hair past her/his hair plateau to experience explosive growth!

Creator's Story

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY with a Guyanese background, Ashanty had limited experience with hair maintenance and growth. The practices of good hair health wasn’t as prevalent in the early 90s and 2000s as it is today for Black/ African-American/ Caribbean/ Afro-Latin cultures; especially with the push of European standards that led to hair damage from perms, extensive heat from straightening, and aggressive brushing and combing techniques.

“As I got older and the cultural dynamics began to change in Black America specifically, I took a serious interest in my natural hair journey. I was researching and experimenting several combinations of products for 6 years and still wasn’t able to retain length or legit see ANY PROGRESS in the earlier years of this journey. My “meek millies” would legit not even go past my neck
*tragic* and even more so, after making somewhat of progress, my hair had reached a plateau and it seemed now that it just couldn’t get past shoulder length.

My Youtube and Google search history would have made anyone think I was doing a dissertation on hair growth. I was trying EVERYTHING. . .Well everything that would make sense for me to try.”

It wasn’t until the end of 2019, she struck gold with her hair journey and finally turned a corner!

“It really came down to understanding my hair – what it likes, what it needs, and how it’s responding. The biggest thing I also learned is that what works for someone else, may just not work for you. . and that is completely okay!

I remember getting so frustrated reading comments, reviews, articles and watching videos of ‘experts’ telling you what you should and should not do and use; and how often you should be washing your hair and getting it trimmed, etc. With so many different people in the world with different hair, no wonder the market has a ton of products and experts. Only YOU can be the expert of YOUR OWN hair. I came to the conclusion that I would learn and then apply what would make sense for me based on my hair texture, absorption / porosity, thickness, daily activities, diet, etc.”

Through that learning curve, she diligently created her own hair oil now called Aniya’s Growth.

“My hair exploded with growth that I never experienced before and I documented every inch of it!”

You can keep up with her hair journey on Instagram @aniyasgrowth where she lists out what she uses and how she uses her products which also includes her measurements and the type of growth and retention seen month to month.

“I share this with you all, in case you are like me, and would like to see if my process will work for you. If interested in Aniya’s Growth hair oil, tap in and get yours today.”


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